Special Projects

Bespoke designs and techniques

We are often asked to undertake special projects to create one off pieces,  product ranges and prototypes.  Many of these projects are confidential, but we have permission to demonstrate some projects here and have created some of our own items to demonstrate techniques used.

Metal Effect Infills

B50 infillsd

Our customer was keen to have gold and silver infills but did not have the budget for precious metals.  We used metallic paints to infill the engraved areas to create a similar effect at a lower cost allowing our customer to present gold, silver and bronze awards within budget.  We have replicated this effect here using our own logo.

IFS Inaugural Golf Day, for the National Autistic Society

  NAS Platter 3     NAS Platter 2     NAS Platter 4

We were thrilled to be asked to create a perpetual trophy to be awarded to the winning team at the IFS Golf Day, fundraising for the National Autistic Society.  We selected this handmade crystal platter and then engraved our own shooting stars design together with the text and NAS logo.  All of the engraving was infilled with 24 carat gold and a hand painted 24 carat gold rim applied.  The shooting stars design is based on an idea from MD Anna Gill, using the Latin phrase “per aspera ad astra” – this translates to “through adversity to the stars” to reflect the challenges faced by individuals with all forms of autism and the achievements that they and their families celebrate.

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New Products

Product Sourcing

We have a access to a very wide range of glass distributors and manufacturers and can source products for you as required. Lead times can be longer than usual where we are sourcing a product from abroad.

For promotional awards and plaques we can work with a factory in the Far East to have custom made products produced.

There are minimum order quantities on custom products but these are set at sensible levels (eg:25+).

Decorating your own Glassware

We can usually apply all of these decoration types to your own glassware, as well as our own, and are always happy to quote for decoration only work.

We will require sight of the artwork to be used to provide an accurate quotation.